At Nazi and Klu-Klux Rally on August 11 to 12, 2017at Charlottesville, Virginia Heather Heyer, an anti-fascist activist, was killed when a car driven by James Alex Fields Jr. rammed her.

. . . very fine people . . .

“I think there’s blame on both sides…But you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.”
– Donald J. Trump, US President

 I guess Alex Fields was not one of the “fine” people.



Our Policy

Now here’s our policy: we can beat the anti-Semitic drum softly, but we don’t bang it. We declare ourselves to be the friends of the Jews and even help establish and finance organizations to combat anti-Semitism while we drum away. There’s no hate involved. We’re just critics. And as far as the past is concerned, the last thing we want to do is whitewash Nazi Germany. To be sure there were excesses in the Third Reich, but historians, especially the Jewish ones, have exaggerated what they call the Holocaust. First, the numbers are grossly exaggerated. And if there was any gassing, it was minimal. No one says that the camps were recreation centers. Things were tough for everyone during the war. There just wasn’t enough food to go around. Ditto for medicine. And there was also a shortage of doctors. Too many of those Jews attended medical school prior to World War II. (But let’s not allow ourselves to become emotional about that!) And what’s more, there was also a shortage of medicine and drugs. Isn’t it natural for people to die in such a situation? Our men in Siberian camps were in the same situation. And let’s not forget the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans! As far as any excesses are concerned, in a war they are bound to happen on all sides. However, Austrians bear no responsibility since there was no Austria at the time. Up to 1945 everyone in the Third Reich was a German.

The men who served on our side not only defended Europe during the war, they rebuilt our country after it. The Left claims that the Reich fought a war of conquest and extermination. The fact is that it was a preventive war. The Soviet Union, as we know, was preparing to conquer Western Europe and export Bolshevism, so we had to beat them to the punch. Thanks to us, Europe was saved from Communism. We fought for Christian values and Western Civilization. Isn’t that a good cause? Every member of the Wehrmacht and the SS was an honorable man. If anyone claims the contrary, we’ll accuse him of condemning the war generation. And we’ll remind him of Dresden, Katyn and Hiroshima. We weren’t the ones who started bombing civilian centers. It was the British. Just read your David Irving! The Lefties call him a revisionist and a Nazi; you can’t expect them to be objective. Imagine, they can’t even bring themselves to admit that Poland provoked Germany.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that everyone involved with the Third Reich was a saint, but just look at the others! We certainly weren’t any worse than they were. But I don’t want to end on a downbeat note. We’re the ones with a purpose! We, not the others, are the real idealists. Nationalism is not a dirty word. However, we must be subtle. Let them think that we can be integrated. In the end, we will integrate them.

We’re up to date, but our spirit is in keeping with our forerunners. We have to be palatable to our group, but we must to appeal to all. In addition to presenting history as it really was, we’ll support politicians who are kindred spirits. And as far as those with a pure and untainted approach are concerned, we won’t sanction what they say and do, but we’ll soft-peddle it and show that they have a human side, and if they engage in violence, we’ll blame it on the Lefties.

– Herbert Kuhner