Pan Putin’s Knights

They looked like knights
as they approached –
holding shields
and wearing visored helmets.
The only thing missing
were plumes on their headgear
and the blades of their swords
were a bit round and thick.

I’d always had a soft spot
for knights.
After all, I’d been weaned
on Mallory and Scott.

I’d read about
the Round Table
according to Sir Thomas
and the Crusades
according to Sir Walter.

I must admit
these knights looked noble
in their armor
as they marched down the street,
but what they did
was not at all chivalrous.

Instead of battling
or jousting
with other knights,
or rescuing damsels in distress,
they raised their weapons
and brought them down
on any head that happened
to be there to trounce –
whether that of foe or bystander.

I don’t know,
there must be something
to it, since they were doing it
so well, and having
such a good time at it.

Perhaps Mallory and Scott
had told tall tales
and this is what chivalry
was really all about.


Six Against One

(Six of Putin’s 3
were kicking and clubbing
a downed woman.)



Adolf, Joseph and Slobodan,
in the nether region, are waiting
for Vladimir’s good company.
I hope he joins them soon!

* * *

How many people have to die
before Putin gets his just desserts?


– Herbert Kuhner