Don the Don and His Gal

“Don may no longer be in the saddle
of the House that’s White, but he’s still
galloping for our Party on his steed.

Here’s the rub: “He egged our brothers on
to invade the Big Building, which is anything
but treason, since we’re in the Right.

“We may not be able to tip the scales,
the next  time around on our own,
but we can do that and more with
our QAnon brother and sisters,
and their ilk.

We’re off to a good start with Marjorie,
the QAnon-gal, who’s taking care of
education in our learning venues.

Our invaders may be a bit
side,on the scrungy side,
but we’ll take care of that!

A bunch of barbers are on the way
to trim matted hair and to shave
mangy beards, and we’ve ordered
suits, shirts and ties to spruce up
our shabby brood

Our right-wing nerds failed to vote,
but we’ve got instructors to tach them
what to do with a ballot, and an advisor
go with them to cast a ballot, and if need be,
to fiddle a bit with the voting machine.

Now as for Don, he may favor the Klan
and our homegrown brown-brood.
His family may not quite be Simon-pure
But so what?! There’s a simple solution:
We’ll cleanse them of all impurities
and welcome them into the fold!

The next time around, our Don
will have it in the bag. And if
if there’s a snag our gal Marjorie
will have it in the bag.



Mad or Bad

Does Trump really believe that he won the election?
That is a moot question. Is he mad or bad?
Or mad and bad? (In my view the latter is valid.)



“Fine People”

During a Klu-Klux-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, August 11 to 12, 2017,
civil rights activist Heather Heyer was killed when a Klu-Kluxer
rammed his car into anti-fascist demonstrators.

Donald Trump comments:
“You had people that were very fine people
on both sides.” [1]

Why be “soft” on the “very fine” people
on the far right? You don’t want to upset
sure-fire voters, do you, Don?

They may have chanted “Jews will not replace us!”
as they marched. They may be a bit put off
by the fact that Don’s family is not Simon-pure,
but then nobody’s perfect.

“You know what I am? I’m a nationalist,
OK? I’m a nationalist.” says our man. Thank you Don!
At last a true word! – actually ten words.
We’ve been waiting, but we have not been waiting in vain.

On January 6th some “very fine people”
took over the nation’s Capitol.
At who’s behest? Trump in a nutshell:
“Looking out at all the amazing patriots
here today, I have never been more confident
in our nation’s future.”

“We’re going to walk down to the Capitol
We’re going to cheer on our brave senators
and Congressmen and women,”
Trump told the crowd, speaking
with the Capitol as a backdrop.


– Herbert Kuhner