Don and Ron – Polly-Andrews

We need a male equivalent
of Pollyanna!
I just concocted one:

Here’s Senator Ron Johnson:
“Jan. 6th didn’t feel like an armed insurrection
to me. I knew those were people that loved this country,
that truly respect law enforcement
and would never do anything to break a law,
and so I wasn’t concerned.”

Here’s our man Don
“It was zero threat, right from the start,
it was zero threat…Some of them went in,
and they are hugging and kissing
the police and the guards, you know,
they had great relationships,
and a lot of the people were waved in,
and then they walked in and they walked out.”


All for Show

A gallows may have been set up,
and there may have been shouts of
“Hang Mike Pence!”
but this was all for “show!”


Our Guys

Our guys may be a bit
on the scrungy side,
but we’ll take care of that!

Barbers are on the way
to trim matted hair
and shave mangy beards,
and we’ve ordered
suits, shirts and ties
from haberdashers
to spruce them up.

Some of our guys
may have failed to vote
last time around,
but at the next go,
we’ll have advisors
show them
how to cast a ballot,
and if need be,
how to fiddle a bit
with the voting paraphernalia.



– Herbert Kuhner