ONEOFUS is to be commended for taking the High Road.
We don’t want to bar anyone from being on this planet.
Blessed Kudos are being showered on these idealists
by the Catholic Church.

In these days of rank libertinism, those who take the ethical high road
must be welcomed with open arms,

Here’s that spoilsport Frederick Hunt:
“They want to establish a Renaissance of the backstreet abortion
and bring about a revival of the knitting needle!”

On their agenda of doing good deeds is combating and curing homosexuality.

Frederick Hunt comments again: “How marvelous!
They want to shut down the Catholic Church!”
“Shut up, you spoilsport! Do you have to put a dampener on every good cause?!”

But you can’t shut Fred up. He’s there to oppose decency wherever it shows its beautiful head.


– Herbert Kuhner