The January 6th Insurrection

The insurrectionist were armed with everything but fire arms.
Who ordered them not to carry fire arms? The order
came from the organizer of the insurrection. Insurrectionists
attacked Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone, among ohers,
and grabbed his gun. An insurrectionist shouted: Kill him
with his own gun! Fanone, who had been beaten and tasered,
managed to return to the police ranks. If Officer Fanone had been shot,
the police would have opened fire and a massacre would have ensued.

Who organized the insurrection? Why did neither the National Guard
nor Police reinforcements show up to support the Capitol Police
in protecting our political representatives?

Let us hope that answers are found and that the responsible party
or parties are brought to justice!


– Herbert Kuhner


image via shutterstock