“Recommendations” in Austria (1)

Herbert Kuhner is an exceedingly weak author who could never represent Austria in any way.
- Wolfgang Kraus, Head of the Austrian Literary Society.

If you are man enough, you will apologize to Dr. Kraus.
- Gregor Woschnagg, Austrian Foreign Office

Kuhner is an insignificant author and will never read on our premises.
- Reinhard Urbach, Austrian Literary Society.

He is in a different psychological situation. It’s a pity that he sits at home with his fantasies. I still hope I can help him.
- Wolfgang Kraus, Head of the Austrian Literary Society.

Herbert Kuhner is a Psychopath. He needs a subscription to a psychiatrist.
- Hella Bronold, Austrian Literary Society

I’ve known Kuhner a long time … he’s leveled scurrilous attacks on various people.
- Martin Esslin, author and critic

„Herr Kuhner, if you do not withdraw your case, we will send the public health officer.“
– Anonymous caller

If I were convinced about the literary quality of the book (Der Ausschluss /Memoirs of a 39er), I would not have asked for details concerning its contents. I have come to the conclusion that it deals with a very personal situation, which is presented in erratic segments. (Concerning an interview)
- Dr. Peter Huemer, ORF (Austrian Radio)