Being in Third-Reich-Austria at an early age,
and then returning to my birthplace 24 years later,
afforded me a unique historical view.

My piece bearing the title
Violence Under the Guise of Art
contains aspects of the Aftermath and Aftereffects
of the Third Reich that have not yet
been brought to the fore.

The present is a key to the past
and vice versa.

The Aftermath and the Aftereffects
exceed being a Shadow and an Echo.

Is Actionism* a follow-up
of days gone-by
that have actually
not quite gone by?

Was the Brown Baton passed on?
Did the Actionists grab it
and fill the gap?

Is Actionism the old spirit
in a new garb?

Violence has been integrated into the arts
and poses as a protest against violence
of a brown hue..

Actionist anti-humanist deeds and declarations
cry out for comparisons.

Comparing today’s diction to yesteryear’s
more than makes the case

Actionism is not a catharsis for barbarism.
It is a bona-fide ideology and mode of behavior.
The perpetrators of the Third Rich
showed the Actionists the way.

Advocates of Actionism espouse
extreme forms of violence
with no holds barred.

Actionist dedication t
o promulgating inhumanity
is unadulterated.

Actionists are providers
as well as doers.

Actionist violence borders on crime,
and at times
transcends that border.

Violence Under the Guise of Art
is a money-making operation.

Sado-masochism sells.
Sadism is a bestseller!

You have to hand it to the hucksters;
their forerunners had inhibitions
about declaring themselves.
They have none.

The idea of packaging violence as art is brilliant,
and labeling it as anti-fascism
is a stroke of genius.

It is not an easy matter
to defend the indefensible
(even for a genius).

The powers-that-be
present the tormenting of man and beast,
as well as the abuse of minors and children,
successfully (so far).as ant-fascistic art.

The proponents of Actionism
do not engage in a debate,
since they know that they do not have
a polemical leg to stand on.
Thus there is no alternative
to cancelling the critic out.

As it is, everything is hunky-dory.
The anti-fascists are fighting fascism,
the purveyors and perpetrators
of Violence under the Guise of Art
are enjoying international fame
and someone comes along
and tries to gum up the works.
No wonder they do their best
to cancel the critic out.

I give them an A+
for effort.

No doubt about it.
Third Reich inhumanity was the precursor
to today’s Actionist cult in the arts.

The Third Reich fought
almost to the last man and the last bullet.
If barbarism had been declared as art,
the enthusiasm would have been even greater,

* * *


Parting Shot

With the anti-fascists we have,
who needs the genuine article?

* * *

Actionism and Revisionism

Revisionists are those who expound
Brown ideology through a Beige filter.

The fact that the Revisionists
have latched onto attacking Actionism is self-evident!
That provides them with a smoke screen
for their own surreptitious dealings.

Calling attention to the violent proceedings
of the Actionists provides of the Revisionists
with a smoke screen that helps deflect
from their own dealing.

Revisionists defend the barbarism
that inspired Actionism.

The Revisionists deny that
Violence Under the Guise of Art
was inspired by Third-Reich barbarsm.

Revisionists concentrate on excesses of the Left
and soft-pedal the crimes of the Third Reicht,
as well as those of the contemporary Hard-Right.

By “opposing“ Actionism,
the Revisionists help perpetuate it.

A Revisionist is opposed to violence
when it is perpetuated
by those of another political hue.

Actually, the two “rival” factions
“complement” each other.
They are competitors,
rather than adversaries.

No advocate
of Violence under the Guise of Art
was ever prepared to discuss there matters.

Violence Under the Guise of Art
is grist for the Revisionist mill.
What a boon and a blessing for them!

Sometimes the wrong man
says the right thing
for the wrong cause.

Demagogues don’t always lie.
They tell the truth when it serves their purposes.

Demagogues combine lies
with half-truths
and the truth.

You can conjure up falsehoods,
but you cannot conjure up facts.

A demagogue cannot turn a lie into the truth,
nor can he turn the truth into a lie.

* * *

The Source

There are similarities in the approach
to matters concerning the war
in Germany and Austria –
but there also considerable differences.

Austria was the source and is the source.
This is where the innovator of 20th Century cruelty was cultivated.
This is where he acquired his philosophical bearings
and founded the ideology that made him what he became.

Hitler left Austria for Germany
and established himself there
before taking his show on the road.
He returned to his birthland with his entourage
to the cheers of multitudes
bringing his countrymen into the brown fold.

Germany annexed Austria, palpably to be sure,
but the question is which entity
annexed the other spiritually?

Hitler was a hit in German
But in Austria, pardon me,“Ostmark,”
he was the Song of Songs.

* * *

In a Nutshell

Hitler had pocketed Europe
and he had Stalin beat.
He would have prevailed
if the Japanese had not attacked Pearl Harbor
and the British had not held out,
providing the United States
with a pied-à-terre.

Draw your own conclusions!

Hitler and his paladins had provided
the perverted philosophical basis
for a conflagration
that raged for six years

In the Final Stage,
The Third Reich was razed.
Was the basis razed?

* * *

You need a Kujau
to forge e Rembrandt,
but for a Beuys
an Oberhuber will do.

* * *
Man braucht ein Kujau
um ein Rembrandt zu verfälschen,
aber für ein Beuys
genügt ein Oberhuber.

* * *

The people you should know
are the people you wouldn’t want to know.


-Herbert Kuhner


* * *


more . . .


Some men prefer to have passive partner
rather than a passionate partner
whose passion can be kindled elsewhere.

The Religious View:
Better to have a cold fish to yourself
than to share a hot tamale!
Excuse the culinary comparison!

I am filled with pride when
I think of the noble and exalted world
that must have existed before Christian doctrine
caused men to look upon women with suspicion
and bade them to think of angels instead.
– George Moore

When two divorced people marry,
four people get into bed.
– Jewish proverb

You’d like to forget,
so you look for a new love.
A new love might indeed
pick up your spirits,
but one thing it won’t do
is replace an old love.
One love does not cancel out another
if the old love was a true love.
A new love means that there are two loves.

Why, much as I love you,
do I still remember her?
– David B. Axelrod

If you’ve loved someone
and lost her,
not necessarily to death,
she’ll come back as a ghost
to haunt you.

When someone you have loved has died,
it breaks your heart,
it breaks your heart all over again.

Love is the triumph of imagination
over intelligence.
– H. L. Mencken

A loving man
is a jealous man.
– Anonymous

The spirit of love is not liberal –
– but totalitarian.

Virtue in women
is a petit bourgeois notion
and a romantic myth.

Virtue isn’t always a matter of choice.
It’s more often something you’re stuck with.

Virtue is its own punishment.

Finding someone to love,
often creates more problems
than it solves.

Love is an illness
that can be quickly cured by marriage.

Women say the a man’s looks aren’t important
after having had bad experiences with handsome men.

Possessiveness and jealousy
go hand in hand with love.

Everyone in love
becomes a Puritan –
concerning his partner.

Men are misers
concerning the object of their affection
but spendthrifts concerning themselves.

The male wants to play the field
while his true love is true.

Who insists on breaking the seal?
Those with a religious upbringing –
and roués.

In young years
I couldn’t stand the idea
of her past partners reminiscing.
Now, who cares?!

What would have been
the end of the world for me
is no longer that end.
Have I become blasé?

A “love bore” is one
who lets past events
intrude on the present.

A Vaginal Talmudist
is one who lets past events
impinge on the present.
I know about that sect.
I’m a Reformed member.

You start out
by wanting to “introduce” a partner
and end up by wanting a partner
who knows the ropes.

I have nostalgia
for the days
when I cared about
how things were.

When I’m with you,
I think of her.
When I’m with her,
I think of you.
The only solution is to be
with both of you
at the same time.

Let’s enjoy the here and now! –
rather than the when and then.

The equation of the sexes
is give and take,
but that equation can be turned around.

That same dream last night:
the virgin with the abilities
of the bawd.

Sleepless night.
I counted them jumping the fence.
not sheep – but her lovers.

The difference between the male and female approach
is that men think practically and act impractically,
whereas women think impractically and act practically.

Women always excel in the sort of wisdom
that comes from experience;
to be women is in itself
is a dreadful experience.
– H. L. Mencken

I’ve always dreamt
of meeting someone like you –
until I met you.

Women are no good
and they’re up to no good.
Men are no good
and they’re up to no good.
It’s even-steven.

Women are bitches, God are they bitches!
And men are bastards, God are they bastards!
Need any more be said?

The most grievous fault of women
is that they make the public
the supreme judge of their lives.
– Stendhal

There is magic:
when you kiss a frog beware!
It might turn into – a toad.

Love Goddesses invariably
do not want to be loved deliriously
but simply want a man
to take them seriously.

Always get married early in the morning.
That way, if it doesn’t work out,
you haven’t wasted a whole day.
– Mickey Rooney

Never get married in the morning,
because you never know
who you’ll meet that night.
– Paul Hornung

Falling head over heels in love,
invariably brings
more suffering than joy.

No fool can be as much of a fool
as the wise man in love.

The spirit of love is not liberal –
but totalitarian.

If a man is disappointed in love,
he remains a bachelor.
If a woman is disappointed in love,
she gets married.
– Luc de Vauvenargues

If love is blind,
must it also be
deaf and dumb?
– David B. Axelrod

He wanted sweet cream.
not thin milk;
but after he got what he wanted –
it curdled.

He tried to treat women as equals
and was punished for his efforts
by the ladies involved.

A man should ride up to a woman
on a high horse,
and not come loping along as a foot soldier
with holes in his soles.

He believed that women should be beaten,
but he was afraid of hurting them.

He left Penelope to look for Isolde
and ended up finding the Medusa.

Bed is a prison when you share it
with someone you have to be with.

It’s only when you care
that women can be cruel.

A voyeur isn’t one who looks while doing
but one who looks without doing.

She wanted to have me all to herself
but she didn’t want to have me on her hands.

She had contempt for herself
and anyone who didn’t share her feelings.

She can only accept those who reject her.

She’s the type who knocks a man down
so that she can help him to his feet.

His wife found an ally
in his every enemy.

Jealousy is a double-edged sword,
it heightens desire while killing affection.

He loved her too much to forget
but not enough to forgive.

Men always favor new freedom for women
when it entails exploitation
of the most extreme and vulgar kind.

Women use failure as a stick
to beat men with.

Possessiveness and jealousy
go hand in hand with love.

Never believe anything a woman tells you,
especially if you’re married to her.

I only lie to my wife,
otherwise I tell the truth.

I love my wife, but oh you kid!
I love you kid, but oh my wife!

It’s only when you care
that women can be cruel.

Why is it that people who write books about sex
always look as if they never had any?

If you’re not willing to give,
you’re bound to get taken.

The best way to shock a women erotically
is do what she wants.

You won’t get anything in return,
if you’re willing to give.

If your attitude is give and take,
you’re bound to get taken.

Marriage: I’d like to give it a try
when I can afford a divorce.

I don’t think
you even like yourself
unless you’re sado-masochistic.

She had contempt for herself
and for anyone who didn’t share her feelings.

She can only accept
those who reject her.

His wife found an ally
in his every enemy.

I knew that the first step
would mean teetering and falling.

I’ve gone off the deep end,
but I’ve never taken the plunge.

The conclusion of my ruminations
concerning the opposite sex –
a void.
My suggestion:

Some men lord it over women.
and some women lady it over men.

I’m the type of man
who lets past events
intrude on the present.

Unfortunately I’m the type
who is more likely to cry over spilt milk
than to enjoy drinking milk at hand.

You can hide your inhibitions behind fashion,
and if nudity becomes the fashion,
you can’t hide them behind that.

I’ve got nothing on tonight.
And true to her words she had nothing on.

A man can be a god to one woman,
but between two, he must always be a clown.

She was soft and pliant in love
and hard and cold out of love.

Horizontal crucifixion
is preferable to vertical crucifixion.

Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
– Henry Kissinger
(With is ugly mug,
he certainly needed something!)

Love may be blind,
but apparently,
power is blinding!

Nice guys always finish last.
– Leo Durocher, Coach of the Brooklyn Dodgers

Nice guys are losers in the boudoir.
– Yours truly

The truth of the matter is
that men don’t quite respect
a woman who has assented.

There’s only one thing worse
than a Kaffee-Klatch
with a bunch of clucking hens
and that’s a Beer-Klatch
with a bunch of crowing cocks

I abhor the primitive male mentality
and the predatory attitude.
That’s why I avoid the company
of boorish guffawing men.

Women rail against machos,
but invariably fall for them.

Machos have everything going for them.
They’re more than charismatic,
they’re absolutely magnetic.

Women say the a man’s looks
aren’t important
after having had bad experiences with handsome men.

The best way to seduce a woman
is to listen to her –
or at least to make her believe
you’re listening.

The more provocative
and aggressive women become,
the more men seem to invert.

What’s the difference
if you don’t know the difference.

A white knight may rescue
a damsel in distress,
but the damsels invariably
fall for the black knights.

Machismo means
lording it over a lady.

Here are the machismo shibboleths:
Convex over concave!
Plug over socket!
Button over buttonhole!
Sword over sheathe!
Pimple over pock!

Woman are now using their brains,
which they have more of than men,
to get ahead. Watch out!

Women have again and again proven
that they are just as capable as men,
if not more so,
but the escalating percentage of female smokers
shows that they are not the least bit less silly.

Austria is foremost in women smokers
and the consumption of cosmetic articles.
There could be a connection.

Intimacy become public
ceases to be intimacy.

Playboy may appeal to your intellectual side,
but without the fold-out, it would fold.

Nudity used to titillate
when there wasn’t much of it,
but now that it’s ubiquitous
it will give you the opposite of a rise.

Nude used to be nude,
now it’s not.
A nude can be nude
and wear tattoos, piercings –
and even brandings.

In these days of Brazilian waxing,
the result is the plucked-chicken look.

A beard adds salt and pepper to a man’s face –
ditto for a female’s inguinal region.

A big production mostly leads to failure.
Shoestring productions usually hit the mark.

Don Juan-ism is like channel hopping.
You hop and hop,
looking for the ideal program,
trusting not to find it.
The thrill is in the hopping.

Casanovas cannot concentrate on one woman.
They have to switch, even if the switch means
switching to a woman who’s less desirable.

Once the bee has taken honey from a blossom,
it flies to the next blossom.
Lotharios are like bees.
They go from one blossom to the next –
they do not linger.

What all Lotharios have in common
is the inability to cultivate a relationship.

The best way to seduce a woman is to listen to her,
or at least to make her believe you’re listening.

Cultivating a relationship
takes a lot of effort.
On the other hand
having fun is effortless.
So why decide to work?

Why wait for Mr. Right
if Mr. Not-Quite-Right comes along?
The same can be said of
Miss Not-Quite Right, but not quite!

As any concert violinist will tell you,
in order to be at your best,
you have to play one instrument
and learn the ins and outs of it.
You are never at your best
if you keep changing instruments.

I started out being possessive.
and couldn’t even imagine
not being possessive.
Being cured was a long process.
Once cured, I couldn’t even imagine
having had that illness,
but I still find it regrettable
when a woman throws herself away.

I’ve seen it again and again:
Pearls thrown to the swine.
It is unbearable!

It’s not as much as a case of pearls
being thrown to the swine
as of pearls throwing themselves to the swine.

Once the ice is broken,
you can no longer skate on it.

A woman’s cruelty is unparalleled.
Yes, men can be batterers,
but women know how to land blows
without touching you. .

Being in love with yourself
signifies complete independence.

I wanted to see her once more
before I died,
but as far as she was concerned,
I couldn’t die since I was already dead.

When you are dead for a woman
you are as dead as the proverbial doornail.

I’ve always been a white knight
to every damsel,
except if she was the one.

Writing about it means
kissing and telling –
for the sake of art.

Revealing intimate details
is a betrayal.
Revealing intimate details
for the sake of art
is nonetheless a betrayal!