Samuel Laster, Founder & Editor of “Die Jüdische”

Samuel Laster and I had a mutual friend, the late Ernst Meir Stern, a man of integrity.
We miss him. We both had the privilege of being published his journal, Der Bund.

Here’s a quote by Ernst that I love. “Sometimes you hear grass growing before it comes to the surface.”

Yes, dear Ernst, like Sam, I too sometimes hear grass growing before it sprouts up.
This is the gift of being able to discern a silent sound, even before it becomes softly audible.
It is a gift that “troublemakers” sometimes have. They can discern injustice in its incipient stage.
“Troublemaker” of course is the wrong connotation. “Trouble-finder” is a better description.

We do indeed make trouble by bringing attention to malice, even when it is in its
incipient stage, that is, even before it comes to the surface like grass ready to grow.
Is this ability a blessing or a curse? It certainly does not make for comfortable
or pleasant living. However, if you have acute hearing, you cannot simply ignore the grass.
You are a trouble-finder who has to do his (or her) best to publicize incipient shenanigans.

So I say, Sam, keep your website, Die Jüdische, as well-honed as it is!


– Herbert Kuhner