A White Knight, an Elderly Damsel and Three Black Brigands


Al Gore actually won the presidency in 2000.
Bush and his cronies cheated him out of it.
If the true winner had been instated, there would have been no Iraq War.
That’s the breaks of the game.

In the conflict between Nazis and Communists in Germany
of the Thirties, we know who won.
If it had been the other way around, things might not have been
hunky-dory, but they would not have been as bad as they were.

If Trotsky and the fellow revolutionaries hadn’t succumbed to Stalin,
all I can say is ditto. Trotsky and the departed generals would at least
have held the line in June 22, 1941.

So there you are!

I’d like to relate an incident that occurred to my friend, the liberal communist Gerald Grassl.

On June 17, 1977, the Day of German Unity, which was celebrated by German and Austrian neo-Nazis. A demonstration was held to commemorate the fascist event of German Unification  (In other words, the Annexation of Austria to Nazi Germany) There would indeed be a unification of German Democratic Republic with the Federal Republic of Germany in 1989, but that lay in the future and would not be celebrated neo-Nazis.

Back to June 17th of the Seventies: on the one hand, there were young neo-Nazis in black uniforms with swastika-like symbols. On the other hand, there were elderly anti-fascists, many of whom were communists.

An elderly woman, attempted to stop a young neo-Nazi from distributing leaflets. Two cohorts came to the embattled Neo’s aid, and the woman was knocked down. Now there were three against one.

Gerald saw what was happening, and being the white knight that he is, came to the woman’s aid. The three Neos turned on him, causing blood to flow. Gerald reached down and grabbed his belt, using it as a mace and chain.

The white knight injured one of the black brigands before he, Gerald, and the elderly lady were able to flee.

The story does not end here. The three Nazis brought charges against him. It was three against one, and the one was found guilty and fined. Since he refused to pay, he ended up spending twenty days in the can. The presiding judge had views similar to thos of the three accusers.

The moral of the story is that in certain situations the Right has it over the Left.


–  Herbert Kuhner