Alter Brody 

Here’s a comment on Sermon I received from David Axelrod,
 American poet and writer:

Hello Harry,
 I would jump at the chance to see the Brody poem published.
It is a wonderfully blasphemous, scatological piece
 which most people won’t understand as they are locked onto their faith
like passengers on a plane experiencing turbulence.

Others would have to work hard to say this poem speaks ill of or about Jews.
 It is clearly the cry of an angry thinker, one who sees the ground rushing up
as all the genius of man’s inventions not only fail him
 but in fact become the means of his destruction
and there is no hand of god to reach out and save him.

They say there are no atheists on an airplane that is experiencing turbulence.
 That, of course, is absurd.
 If you look around inevitably you may see some people smiling
that their rejection of faith is valid.
 There, at an incredible, precipitous height, nothing–absolutely nothing -
is going to help and no amount of muling or crying out to god will matter!
 So good if that Brody is alive and well and stirring the kind of controversy
 that I don’t doubt he intended.

– David Axelrod, American poet, Selden Long Island, Oct. 9, 2005

Screenshot of Fritz Kleibel`s film portrait „Enroute with Herbert Kuhner“ (2014)