Vjera Vitošević

This poem, which I co-translated with my dear friend Vjera Vitošević a while back, has gained in relevance due to the horror of present events. Yes, there are two sides to every story, but there is only one side to premeditated invasion and attempted conquest.


A Monster Slumbers in Man

A monster slumbers in man,
deep within him
like rancid fear.
A monster slumbers in man.

Head of a lamb,
stumpy legs, wolf’s paws
and a tail
that can snap like lightning.
A monster slumbers in man.

It lies twisted in sleep
devoid of courage,
in a rotting carapace.
A monster slumbers in man.

The days and nights
on this trodden Earth
have scarred faces
in which one can see
that a monster slumbers in man.

Translated from the Serbian
by Herbert Kuhner and the author


Some thoughts on the subject by H.K.

Man loves to build,
but there is something he even loves more –
destruction brings about
a state of unparalleled ecstasy!
Inhumanity never leads to humanity.

Inhumanity never leads to humanity.
Mass murderers do on not have
a good side.

All mass murderers are members
of the Gory Club.
All members of the Gory Club
become brothers.
Sometimes they become the brothers
of those they hate most.