Interdenominational Occurrences

Toni Faber, Chaplain of St. Stephan’s Cathedral priest extolls an artist: “I have much in common with Hermann Nitsch. I have always a fan of this artist. I even have an original Nitsch painting in my apartment.” [1]

„God`s party animal Chaplain Toni Faber“


Here are excerpts from “The Conquest of Jerusalem”
(by Hermann Nitsch, Wasmuth, Tübingen; Köln, 1973)

“after christ has slaughtered a cow, he lies down on the back of the skinned animal which is still twitching, licks the sexual organ of the cow and sticks his tongue deep into it…

after christ has slaughtered a bull, he lies down on the back of the skinned animal which is still twitching, sucks urine out of the sexual organ of the bull….

and bites the bull’s sexual organ….christ lies down on the warm belly of the freshly slaughtered bull and sucks blood from the wound where the testicles have been severed.…

christ slips and falls and no. 38 jumps on him and sticks his tumescent penis in christ’s anus and copulates with him.”

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna


Happy Easter, Folks!

And a quote from the Arbeiter-Zeitung: “During a Black Mass the Viennese Actionist Günter Brus, 36, his wife Anni, 31, Hermann Nitsch, 36, and Karl Heinz Cibulka slaughtered an Easter lamb in Naples, crucified the animal and smeared themselves with its blood.” [4]


Cruelty to Man and Beast

“Nitsch is the greatest animal lover I know. I was present in the Nitsch household when his wife swatted a mosquito and caused a major marital crisis. Nitsch gave vent to his anger over the senseless death of this living thing.” [2]
– Danielle Spera, Director of the Jewish Museum, Vienna

And here’s impartial coverage by Profil, magazine, after extensive research:
“Nitsch, who never slaughtered an animal in his life, is constantly referred to as a slaughterer.”[3]

Otto Mühl: “Nitsch is a sadist with a mania for approbation, an autistic alcoholic who’s completely narcissistic and a mother’s boy who didn’t get enough attention. Rainer is genuinely violent and a sadist. Nitsch torments the participants in his actions; they’re constantly freezing. He arranges that intentionally. I’d like to know how many became ill, how many caught pneumonia, how many died.” [5]

“I knew a university professor named Stephan Koren. he was cripple and wanted to convince me that he was a man like me.… this scum of the nation fills every healthy Austrian with such dread that the pupils of his eyes would burst at the sight.”[7]
– Peter Weibel, Actionist & Culture Commissar

“A bird is tied to a pedestal with a thin cord. I kneel in front of the bird on the pedestal and then I pour scalding wax over it. when I knock the pot of wax over with my head, the bird’s head is inundated and my right hand is doused.” [8]
– Valie Export, designer of the anti-fascistic monument in Allentsteig, Lower Austria


More from “The Conquest of Jerusalem” (by Hermann Nitsch, 1973)

“…the naked body of a nine-year-old girl is placed on a church bench; the sexual organ of the girl is opened and a silver tube is forced in several times. the sexual organ is torn to pieces; sugared water is poured on the bloody wound; no. o sucks out and licks up the sugared blood that pours out of the sexual organ.”[6]

party animal Toni Faber


Kinderland (Children’s Land)

During the Third Reich children were taught to kill birds with their own hands in a camp called Kinderland, which translates as “Children’s Land.”[9] The purpose of this procedure was to purge the children of compassion, so that they would become malleable and grow up to serve the regime as torturers and assassins.



What’s Missing?

Monsignore Mauer

Msgr. Otto Mauer, the official “Catholic Caretaker of Souls” was the pater familias of the Actionists. With Cardinal Franz König’s benediction, he promoted the poète maudit element of the Austrian cultural scene and helped mint their spirit. Mauer in 1948, three years after the Holocaust: (Online Die Jüdische) “The Jews have immense influence on communism and capitalism. They pass themselves off as defenders of humanity…but they are nothing but a depraved people with a perverted spirit….They have been condemned to eternal damnation….They invariably choose the evil path.” [10]



Weibel exposed

Peter Weibel, who is also co-editor of the previously-mentioned Wien book. Among the highlights of the latter scholarly work are photos of co-editor Export engaging in fellatio with Weibel. Here’s a quote from the horse’s mouth: “When Valie Export sucks my cock, you can see it.”[11]

A key statement by Weibel:
“If we don’t prosper, the world will be blown up.”[12]

Featured in the Weibel-Export documentation is a report of an event in Cologne in which the editors use bullwhips, coils of barbed wire, beer bottles and ether to injure themselves, as well as members of the audience.[13]


Orgy & Organ (Dreams Come True)

“VALIE EXPORT is slated to design the new organ in the Pöstlingberg-Church in Linz.”[14]

And her success story is also a feature of the Jewish Museum of Vienna.
Astrid Peterle , 08.12.2015, „Hinter den Kulissen / Behind the Scenes“
„Sometimes dreams come true in a museum – that happened to me when I was infomed that was to work on a project with my favorite artist VALIE EXPORT.  Our Director Danielle Spera invited Valie Export to design a Vitrine.”

church at Pöstlingberg

– Herbert Kuhner


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