Bussing Bush

Michelle will never forgive the Birther-in-Chief Trump
for calling the location of his predecessor’s birth into question.

She grabbed her husband’s predecessor and planted a kiss on his cheek.
He’s the man who invaded a Middle-Eastern country to displace a dictator.
Eeni- meenie-miney-mo!

George Bush fils set off the Sunni-Shia Song and Dance that is still going on
with ever-increasing intensity. It was the Dance of Death for four thousand Americana
and hundreds of thousands Iraqis.

You might as well buss Henry the Kiss-of-Death Kissinger!


Beauty and the Beast

Liv Ullmann called Kissinger, “the most interesting man I have ever met.”
She goes on. “I absolutely disapprove of what he did politically,
and I told him so, but he tells good stories. He just thought it was fun to be
with me because I don’t understand anything, because I’m stupid in politics
and I’m on the wrong side.”

Well, concerning Dr. Strangekiss, I am certainly on “the wrong side.”
I am also on the wrong side of Deadeye Dick Cheney,
and all the other mass murderers of “our side.”

As an admirer of Liv Ullmann, I cannot fathom how she could be fascinated by anyone so ugly on both the outside and the inside. But then, according to him. “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

Love may be blind, but apparently,power is blinding!

Dr. Strangekiss’ success with the ladies caused the press to dub him “Cary Grant with a German accent.”

Guess if power could do it for Henry, power can do it for anyone,
including, Quasimodo and Caliban – that is if they had happened
to have had power.

Jean Anouilh’s repetitive dramatic theme was the beauty besmirched by the beast,
and the inability of the true love that followed the false one to accept the besmirching.

Liv claimed that their relationship was strictly aboveboard. If that were so,
I guess she was the only one that didn’t go below-board.


– Herbert (Harry) Kuhner