It’s a Topsy-Turvy World

“There are alternate facts.”
– Kellyanne Conway,
not Eric Blair alias George Orwell

Truth isn’t always truth.
It is somebody’s version of it.!”
– Rudy Giuliani

(What a lovely way to describe lies!)

You’re entitled to your own opinion,
but not your own facts.
– Daniel Patrick Moynihan








“Fine” Klu-Kluxers

During a Klu-Klux-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, August 11 to 12, 2017, civil rights activist Heather Heyer was killed when a Klu-Kluxer rammed his car into anti-fascist demonstrators.

Donald Trump comments: “You had people that were very fine people on both sides.” [1]

Pastor Darrel Scott backs him up:” It seems we’re giving these counter-protesters a pass,”
saying “let’s not act like they did not go with the intent to shut that protest down by any means necessary.”

Yes, fellows you’ve got a point. In World War II, there were also “very fine people” in both the Axis and Allied sides.

Otto Schulmeister, makes the case: “There were many swine at the time, not only brown ones…” And he added, “The Revisionists are right about that. Not only Nazis committed crimes. And not only Jews were victims. There were many victims at the time and many since then. And as we see in Israel, Jews can also be oppressors.”
Asked whether he regretted what he had written during the Third Reich in National Socialist organs, he replied: “Not in the least!”



Bill Maher implores „So please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people,
but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.“

Is this a prayer? I thought the guy was an atheist!


Bill Maher and David and Goliath in Reverse

Bill was thumbs down on Iraq and thumbs up on Vietnam. Guess Dick and Henry are his men.

“I’ve been hearing nothing but Vietnam was a wasted war – we should never have gone.
I think it was a necessary war….What won the Cold War is that we demonstrated to the bullies of the world that we put ourselves on the line and spend lives. The Vietnam War didn’t have to be in Vietnam, but it had to happen somewhere….The Russians lost 20 million people in World War II.”

That’s right, Bill, 65 thousand American and 2 million Vietnamese lives were spent to show the Russians that we meant business. “Squandered” is a better word than ”spent.” Bad luck for the Vietnamese that the “necessary war” happened in their country! Good luck for the countries where it didn’t happen!

Do you remember that the war ended in a rout? We were routed and we couldn’t or wouldn’t evacuate the majority of Vietnamese who were on “our side.” Bad luck for them!

Yes Bill, we showed the Russians all right. We showed them that David could stand up to Goliath – only David wasn’t us. It was them – the Vietnamese.

Vietnam now according to a travel agency “ imposing mountain ranges to dreamlike coastline.”


Divine Commands

God told Abraham that Isaac had to go, before reneging.

Bush fils also got commands from above, but there was no reneging:
“God told me to strike at al Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did.”

The Middle East was a mess before Bush and the thousands of casualties he caused.

Is it less of a mess now?


Death Did Not Do Johnson Any Favors

If Lyndon Johnson, the War-on-Poverty-Warrior, who had put through Civil Rights Act of 1964, had died after signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, he would have gone down in history as a great president and a great man.

However, death did not do him that favor. Johnson lived to escalate that Vietnam War, which took tens of thousands of American lives and millions of Vietnamese lives, and he supported the slaughter of the Right of the Left in Indonesia, which resulted in a million dead.

What is there to say about such a man? Did his evil deeds blot out his good deeds? He was Dr. Jekyl as well as Mr. Hyde, with Hyde prevailing.

Sharing responsibility for so many deaths means that he must take his place among those ignoble counterparts, Dick Nixon “the Trickster”, Henry “the Kiss of Death” Kissinger and “Deadeye” Dick Cheney.



It all started with the overthrow of Mossadegh. Churchill, the hero of the Battle of Britain, was the villain of this one. Mossadegh wanted to nationalize Iranian oil, but Churchill would none of it, which translates as all of it. Truman also wanted non e of it. When Eisenhower came in, the Dulles brothers sold him the overthrow and they went about it diligently.

What did we get in his place? First the Shah and then the mullahs.

Eisenhower planned the Bay of Pigs landing. The CIA convinced him that it was a cinch. When Kennedy came in, the CIA sold him the same bill of goods. As we know, the CIA is omniscient, which they again proved by initially supporting the Taliban.

Kennedy has gone down in history for skirting atomic disaster, along with Khrushchev.

Worth noting, had there been no attempted invasion, there would have been no Russian presence in Cuba, skirting would not have been necessary, and there probably would not have been a coup against Khrushchev, who certainly was more humane than the hardliners who displaced him.


Bill’s Second Term:

It could be said that Bill blew it;
the same can be said of Monica.



Helen went off to Troy with Paris,
leaving King Menelaus behind in Sparta.

Helen had the face “that launched a thousand ships,”
that carried the Greeks to fight a war that lasted a decade.

Monica has the mouth that launched a thousand ships,
planes, helicopters, tanks, military vehicles and
thousands of troops, male and female,
to fight in a war that would ignite
a conflagration with no end in sight.


Peccadillos and Sinking

Bill’s peccadillos enabled George to sink Al,
and later enabled Donald to sink Hillary
who deflecting from his own peccadillos
by bringing Bill’s to the fore.


The Reins

If Bill had handed Al the reins,
Al would have won against George W.,
and there would have been no Iraq War.

Actually Al and Hillary did win
under normal democratic circumstances,
but the Founding Fathers founded
the Electoral College so that
they could control who comes out on top.


Voting for Cluster Bombs

I voted for Bill
and I voted for Hillary.
Did I vote for cluster bombs?

The Clintons favor land mines and cluster bombs. Over 150 nations have signed
the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. That year President Bill Clinton refused to sign that treaty.
After his election, President George W. Bush declared that the United States
would never sign.

In 2006 Senate Amendment No. 4882 would have banned the use of cluster bombs
in civilian areas. Senator Barack Obama of Illinois voted in favor of the ban.
Senator Hillary Clinton of New York voted against the ban.
Congress rejected the amendment.

Pardon me, folks, I’ve got to go off and barf!


The Wrong Father

Anwar al-Awlaki, a Moslem cleric hailing from the good old USA, who instructed terrorists and instigated terror attacks, was killed in a drone attack on September 30, 2011.

Two weeks later, his son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, aged sixteen, who was also a US-citizen, was also targeted.

His death can only be termed premeditated murder.

As justification, Obama-aide Robert Gibbs ventured, “The boy should have had a far more responsible father.”

No one chooses to be born and no one chooses his parents.

Are we now killing the children of those who preach and engage in terror because they happen to have had the wrong father?


Fodder for FOX

Chris Cuomo: “ If my 12-year-old, Mario, called someone a ‘dog,’ he would not say it again in my presence. I guarantee you he would apologize. In fact, if he said most of the things that the president says about people he’s threatened by or doesn’t like, his cheeks would be glowing”

Chris, do you believe in corporal punishment for a child? Should a child be hit in the face?


– Herbert Kuhner