Naturkost Brunnader

I live in Gentzgasse in the Eighteenth District in Vienna. The next intersection is the pedestrian zone of Kutschkergasse, where there are two restaurants, a café and an ice cream parlor. Great to sit there in sunny weather! Further up, there’s a street market. On Saturdays the farmers come in, and you can buy direct from the source.

At the market there is an organic store: Brunnader’s with tables in the back and a sidewalk café for warm days. The fare is delicious vegetarian dishes, homemade bread and deserts and
you name it, they’ve got it (with the exception of meat.)

They are real Greens. Everybody is a vegetarian and nobody smokes. (As we know, the most
consistent chain smokers are doctors, nurses – and Greens.)

Does that sound boring? It isn’t. There’s nothing boring about this family.

I go the store regularly for a great cup of coffee and cake. My wife joins me there on Saturdays. And needless to say, that’s where we buy most our groceries.

It’s easier to deal with life as a team. There’s nothing worse than fighting a war on two fronts.

Perhaps I appreciate the family all the more, since I don’t have a positive attitude. I just try to make the best of things, if you know what I mean.
Walter Jr. told me that a customer asked him how he could father a child in times like these. I replied that the times may not be good, but this is, and I gestured, indicating the store. . Yes, the microcosm that they have created is good, and a giant step in the right direction.

“Concerning the family who bakes and sells produce, you make the comment “the family sets a good example.” I love the way you write. You set a good example. You are economical, almost “dry,” but you do the job well with just the right details to create a clear tone and a point that I relish. You make blogging an art (and I’m skeptical about the whole blogging thing.)”
– David B. Axelrod,


Kutschkergasse 29, A-1180 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 402 43 68 – Fax: +43 1 406 21 55 –



Kurt Lhotzky’s “Literaturbuffet”

The place to visit for the bookworm in Vienna is Lhotzky’s Literaturbuffet, Rotenstrengasse 2 at the corner of Taborstrasse in the 2nd district. Kurt Lhotzky offers a selection of German books, concentrating on political and historical themes, including English books. There are tables where you can sit, read and order snacks. Kurt is noted for his aromatic coffee and homemade cakes. A different a different cake is featured every day, and as far as this writer and gourmet is concerned, Kurt’s cakes are among the best in Vienna. Aside from good vittels, book presentations and readings are featured at the bookshop.

Lhotzky’s Literaturbuffet (Buchhandlung)
Adresse: Rotensterngasse 2, 1020 Wien
Öffnungszeiten:  click here
Telefon: 01 2764736