Why is there an influx of migrants
at the Mexican border?
Because mostly Republican administrations
supported the Dirty Warriors in the Dirty Wars
of Central and South America.

Thank you Dick Nixon, Henry Kissinger
and Ronald Reagan.

We can’t have these people clamoring
At our border doors.

They must be punished
for fleeing for their lives
due to a situation we helped create

Best way is to separate them
from their children.


A Necessity

Is Slaughter elsewhere is a necessity for maintaining our Freedom?


Liberation Movements

In the Cold War the United States represented the forces of freedom
and the Soviet Union represented the forces of totalitarianism.

The Left of South America consisted of revolutionaries
who were fighting against right-wing autocrats who had amassed power and wealth
and were oppressing and exploiting the populations of their nations.

Communism provided a playbook for the revolution of the downtrodden.
The Soviet Union supported these anti-imperialistic movements with weapons and cash
and the United States fought them with every means at its disposal.

The military juntas of the South American Dirty Wars were carbon copies
of the enemy we fought in World War II.

They practiced mass murder, torture, rape and took children for the leftists they executed
and placed them in the homes of barren right wing Catholic couples.

The story was not much different in Asia. Vietnam and Cambodia
Are cases in point.

Thus, the forces of totalitarianism supported the oppressed
and the forces of freedom supported the oppressors.


Freedom-loving Dick, Henry and Ron

Conservative icon Ronald Reagan, initiator of the Iran-Contra Affair sold the Iranians weapons and used the proceeds to fund the Contras, formerly Samosa’s National Guard, a marauding soldateska whose mission was to free Nicaragua. Their pillaging and raping was exemplary. Another Reagan Administration gambit was the mining of Nicaragua Harbor, a country we were not at war with.

Ronald Reagan’s assessment: “The Contras are the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers.” Guess our founders, according to him, were coked-up mass murders, rapists and torturers.

Reagan’s solution for Vietnam in 1965: “We could pave the whole country and put parking strips on it.” (He did not have a chance to apply his solutions since the war was over when he became president.

Question: What does human life mean to those aspiring to gain power or to retain it?

Answer: Not a whit!

Here’s Henry on Salvador Allende: “I don’t see why we need to stand by
and watch a country go Communist due to the irresponsibility of its people.”

Ann Coulter: “Feminists don’t care about Saddam’s rape rooms.” (Referring to Saddam Hussein, who of course was the only rapist dictator in the Middle East)[1]

It’s nice of “non-feminist” Coulter to be concerned about rape.
In her Sept. 17th article she lauds “the great Augusto Pinochet”
who oversaw execution, torture and “rape” after his Chilean coup in 1973.[2]
The number of his mortalities equals those of 9/11.

And dear Ann, the United States supported a bevy of Right-wing Latin-American rapist dictators, mostly under Republican administrations.

Remember the four nuns who were raped and murdered in El Salvador in 1980!
Reagan’s Secretary of State Al Haig explained it in Congress this way:
“They drove through a ‘legitimate’ road block.”(!?)


Dirty Warriors

The Dirty Warriors
of the Dirty Wars
South of the Border
were all Catholic Churchgoers.



The Vatican preferred the Third Reich to the Soviet Union.
That makes sense: Christian monsters are preferable to atheistic ones.


Bishop Romero’s Successors

Bishop Oscar Romero was conveniently polished off in 1980. In 1995, Pope John Paul II appointed Fernando Sáenz Lacalle,an Opus Dei member, archbishop for San Salvador. Lacalle was instrumental in having harsh anti-abortion laws established.
A woman who has had abortion can be sentenced to thirty years in prison.
If a woman is brought to a hospital, and she suspected of having undergone a botched abortion, she is tied to her bed, and serves as an exhibit of the crime committed.[3]

Thank you, Saint John Paul!

– Herbert Kuhner

[1] Ann Coulter, Town Hall April 16, 2003.
[2] Anne Coulter: “Here’s A Traitor! Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War,” Town Hall Online, Sept. 17, 2003.