The Mouth as Launcher

Helen went off to Troy with Paris,
leaving King Menelaus behind in Sparta.

Helen had the face “that launched a thousand ships,”
which carried Greek warriers to fight a war that lasted a decade.

Monica’s mouth was attached
to what may not be the wrong place
under certain circumstances,
but was the wrong place in this instance,
as far as the other participant was concerned
and as far as the location was concerned,
which happened to be the last venue
that should have served
as a doppelganger for the boudoir.

Monica has the mouth that launched a thousand ships,
planes, helicopters, tanks, military vehicles and
thousands of troops, male and female,
to fight in a war with no end in sight.

Bill’s Second Term

Bill blew it,
the same can be said for Monica.

If Bill had given the reins to Gore,
he would have beaten Bush,
and there would have been no Iraq War.

On the Subject of Rape

“To all the bastards who thought they had buried him, to the horde of masked or unmasked avengers who dreamed of seeing him buried alive behind an updated iron mask, to all those who wanted to forget him and wanted him forgotten by the entire world, this act recalls a basic truth: an artist is a rock; he is indestructible; at the end of the day, the artist, not the mob, always has the last word.
Cheers, Roman my friend. I am deeply moved.”
– Bernard-Henry Lévy, philosopher, huffpost

Roman Polanski expounds: “If I had killed somebody,
it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see?
But… fucking, you see, and the young girls.
Judges want to fuck young girls.
Juries want to fuck young girls.
Everyone wants to fuck young girls!”
– Martin Amis in Tatler and “Visiting Mrs Nabokov,” 1979.

Let’s get one thing straight, Bernard-Henri, if being opposed to pedophilia makes someone a “bastard” and a member of the “mob,” I am gladly both.

The great film director has explained it all. You see, folks, we all want to do what he did.
Only he had the audacity to do it – he and some other culprits we call pedophiles.
We want to have him – and them – placed behind bars, because they are living our fantasies.

Whoopi Goldberg chimes in:
„I know it wasn’t rape-rape.
It was something else, but I don’t believe it was rape-rape.“
– Whoopi on the View

Yes Whoopi, getting a thirteen-year old drunk, giving her drugs, and then penetrating and so domizing her is not “rape-rape” but “something else.”


Pray, Whoopi, what is this “something else”?

– Herbert Kuhner