Faithful Till the End

Joseph Goebbels, had been a seminary student and he was also the author of a novel titled Michael. Later he found a cause and his new religion became National Socialism.

Joseph and Magda and both had love affairs with Jewish partners in their youth. Joseph had considered marriage, but when faced with the prospect of mixed-race children, had decided against it. The fate of Joseph’s former girlfriend and her family is not known.

Adolf Hitler fell in love with a Jewish girl while he was in Vienna, but he never declared himself. The fate of the girl and her family is not known.

Eva Braun had a boyfriend who was a Jewish medical student and her sister worked for a Jewish doctor.

Magda’s mother divorced her first husband Oskar Ritschel and married Richard Friedländer. Magda became Magda Friedländer. She fell in love with Chaim, a Zionist and she became a Gentile Zionist. She wore the Star of David, a gift from Chaim. She considered going to Palestine with him and became an activist for the cause. However, when it was time to leave, she stayed behind.

Herbert Hoover wooed her and proposed – not the president, but his nephew and namesake. However she married industrialist Günther Quant. When that marriage broke up, Joseph Goebbels was next on the list.

According to the National Socialist scientific precepts, an Aryan woman who cohabitated with a Jew became contaminated, but this was not the case vice-versa. Yet it was also forbidden for an Aryan man to have sexual relations with a Jewish woman. Exceptions were made in concentration camps where attractive non-Aryan women were forced to be slaves in bordellos.

Joseph had Magda undergo a series of medical tests to determine whether he had been racially contaminated. (Apparently Goebbels believed his own pseudo-scientific claptrap.) The good news was that results were negative, which was positive for the couple, and they got married.

Arlossoroff went to Palestine and entered politics. In 1933, he travelled to Berlin to negotiate Jewish emigration to Palestine. When he called Magda, she told him that she would not see him and that he should leave the country. He did.

Later that year, while he was walking on a Tel Aviv beach in, he was shot dead by two gunmen.

Magda’s stepfather Richard Frieländer ended up Buchenwald, where he was worked to death,

Her new husband had created a clean slate for his new wife.

Joseph was a good Nazi, but not exactly a good husband. He was habitually unfaithful to Magda, but he was faithful to the Führer till the end. Joseph had a hot affair with Lida Baarova and even considered divorcing Magda in order to marry her, but the Führer intervened and convinced him that he was essential to the cause as exemplary Nazi family man, and that meant remaining with Magda, who was the First Lady of the Reich.

In spite of her husband’s swarthy looks and his wiry small stature and club-foot, she bore him six children that measured up to the Aryan ideal. The one boy and the five girls that he had sired were all beautiful and blonde. Their names began with the letter H in honor their godfather.

Joseph was one of the instigators of the murder of one-and-a-half million children, and as propaganda minister, he was instrumental in “justifying” the treatment of races considered inferior by National Socialism.
When Magda heard about the Nazi’s plans for genocide after the Wannsee Conference, she was shocked, but she was a good National Socialist wife and accepted them.

Things went well for a while, but then they went awry. After the Reich had conquered all of Europe, British tenacity, American might and Russian manpower turned the tide. The combined forces of the UK the USSR and the USA pushed the invincible armies of the Reich all the way back.

Joseph Goebbels was faithful till the end. He and his family were with the Führer in his Berlin Bunker.

Adolf married Eva, and their honeymoon consisted of suicide.

On May 1, 1945, Joseph decided that he and his family would have to follow suit. Magda protested, but she turned out to be a better wife than mother. As far as her spouse was concerned, he proved himself to be a loyal friend to his mentor, but he was a bust as a husband and father.

All six of the children were given poison, the oldest daughter sensed what was happening and didn’t want to swallow it, and her mother shoved it down her throat. Then Magda played solitaire before taking leave. She swallowed poison and her husband shot himself.

Here is the former Zionist’s last statement: “I bore my children for the Third Reich. They were born to live in the Third Reich, and if it ceases to exist, they too should not continue to exist.”

Children don’t choose their parents. It wasn’t the fault of Helga, Holde, Hilde, Heide, Hedda and Helmuth that they had Goebbels as a father. They ended up being victims, just like the million and a half children, whose deaths their father had helped instigate and achieve.

– Herbert Kuhner