What Else Is New?

This is from a Stasi document from 1973: “Don’t shy away from using your weapon, even if the breach of the border involves women and children!”

Of course! Anyone who tried to cross the German-German border “illegally” deserved a bullet – women included. And if the womenfolk took their children along, they too deserved to be shot at too.

Do those old days remind you of older days?

Some of the GDR Old Guard had fought against the Nazis. Could it be that they emulated them in later days?

Please dispel your doubts!

The Nazis fought for world domination. These idealists were fighting for a better world. Sometimes murder is a means for achieving a humane future.

Spokesman for the Weapons Lobby

There have been massacres in shopping malls, movie theaters, nightclubs, open air get-togethers, college campuses, schools, churches, and even in an army fort.


People must be able to protect themselves. The only answer is arms.

Now, you are right to assert that a pistol is no match for a man in body armor who totes an assault weapon.

What’s the answer? As Spokesman for the” Weapons” Lobby, I say that there has to be a security guard armed with a bazooka in every outdoor and indoor public place.

P.S. Why limit it to a bazooka?
How about full security with a Surface-to-Air Missile?



What does the Right-Wing Weapons Lobby and the Left-Wing Wall setup have in common?
They don’t give a damn about human life..
They were dedicated to the cause.
The question that has to be asked
is whether those dedicated to a good cause
are as dedicated as those who are dedicated to an evil cause.

– Herbert Kuhner