Heinz-Christian Strache, Head of the Freedom Party

Commemorates the Victims of the Allied Bombing during World War II on May 8, 2004 at Hero’s Square in Vienna

According to Herr Strache the bombing of German cities by the Allies was a crime. If that is the case, then it must follow that the bombing of Geurnica, Rotterdam, Warsaw, London, Coventry and so on were crimes. The bombing of these cities preceded the bombing of German cities.

Yes, there’s no mitigation for bombing, murder, rape and dispersion. However, had the Hitler Gang not engaged in such practices and had the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe remained within German borders, and had Nazi Germany not engaged in these practices, these crimes would not have happened – they would not have occurred to the victims of Nazi Germany, nor would they have ocurred to Germans.

Commemorating German victims, while ignoring the victims of Nazi Germany, is the epitome of mendacity and villainy. It was Germany that began with blanket bombing.
– Herbert Kuhner

On Youtube (published Sep 23, 2006)

Wien, 8. Mai 2004 – national-freiheitliche Burschenschafter bedauern den Sieg der Alliierten am 8. Mai 1945. Als Hauptredner fungiert der Wiener FPÖ Obmann Heinz Christian Strache. Als etwa 500 GegendemonstrantInnen hinter der Polizeiabsperrung „Nazis raus“ rufen, bescheinigt er diesen „faschistischen ungeist“. (by Flodditsch)