On January 9, 2016, our friend and colleague, the artist Padhi Frieberge became immortal.
He was 85 years old. Fritz Kleibel eulogized him in his film Padhiland and I have written on his life and work.
We are both admirers of Padhi and his spirit stays with us to inspire us.
Harry Kuhner & Fritz Kleibel

see (and listen to) „Padhi on Günter Brus“: click here

Here is how I have described him:
“Padhi an object artist, photographer, painter and collagist who is in harmony with his work.
Padhi lives art. He’s as pure and innocent as Buster Keaton, and he does not compromise.
He goes his way no matter how hard and painful that may be.
Not that Padhi would not like to reap rewards, but he’s never stooped to pick them up,
if attaining them meant stooping. Producing art is the most important aspect in his life.”
-Herbert Kuhner