Dagmar Koller, Honorary Patron of „Power4me“
Concerning the AAO Commune

Dagmar Koller

“Then my husband (Helmut Zilk), who was the mayor, informed me and I went out there to take a look.

And I know Otto Mühl very well, because he lives in Portugal, and I visited him often. And I brought his small children dolls and Barbie dolls, because they didn’t have anything. They had absolutely nothing in Portugal“.

„Yes, he was a hero but for all the unstable people who went there. He was a god for them. I saw that the women were happy … And that’s what’s so terrible. I am the patron of an organization against sexual abuse (Power4me). I am opposed to sexual abuse and fight against it“.

„But when I heard about what happened there, I thought that I should never mention the word Mühl ever again. But you have to realize that there’s another side to it… the women who were part of it, had given everything – their complete finances and all that – they were happy there and you can see the joyful faces of the small children. Anyone who dares to abuse a small child should really be excluded from society. Well if that’s really happening, those who went to him, were really worthless. I am very radical about that. Why didn’t the politicians realize what was going on there? (That’s a question one can no longer pose to Helmut Zilk. He left us on October of 2008.)

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Why didn’t any public person put a stop to it? What about the politics of the time? – But I still believe that the women who participated were happy. But if you observe him now, you see that those members of the group who remained with him, they are having fun. I would like to be a part of that…something’s happening there.”[1]

It stood to reason that a man who had publicly copulated while wallowing in excrement,[2] and who had whipped a man bloody in the aula of the university[3] was suited to be the guardian of children in a commune. There he reigned for almost two decades under the aegis of the highest state dignitaries while official funding flowed. (Indeed something was happening there.)

Miss Koller certainly hit the nail on the head about the politicians! Among the politicians who supported the Commune are Theodor Kery, Hilde Hawlicek, Karl Blecha and Helmut Zilk.[4]


The Man with “a Big Heart”

Bishop Kurt Krenn and Bishop Andreas Laun are convinced that Groer was innocent, as was the late Helmut Zilk, a former Mayor of Vienna.

Groer (l), Zilk (r)

Zilk and Dagmar Koller had a Catholic wedding presided over by Groer on June 23, 1990. The couple had previously married in a civil ceremony in 1978.

Zilk and Koller visited the Cardinal annually on Christmas and on their wedding anniversary. Zilk: “I consider the Cardinal to have been the victim of a calumnious smear campaign. I am not a ‘mackerel-snatcher,’ but the Church   means a great deal to me. I have a high opinion of the Cardinal. He has a big heart.” [5]




Statement by the Austrian Bishops Council of October 13. 2004[6]

“We have come to the conclusion that the accusations against Bishop Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer are basically justified.”

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