True Words

“ You know what I am? I’m a nationalist, OK? I’m a nationalist.”
(Thank you Donald! At last a true word! Actually ten words.
We’ve been waiting. But we have not been waiting in vain.)


Lucky and Unlucky

Today, if they decide to do you in,
you’re lucky if death comes immediately
when they execute.
You’re unlucky if they go about cutting you up first,
or find another way of prolonging your agony,
which is a mild word to describe the procedures used.

You’re lucky if they slice your head off with a scimitar.
You’re unlucky if they go about it with a kitchen knife.
You’re lucky if the shoot you in the heart.
You’re lucky if they hang you properly
so that your neck breaks immediately.
after the trap door is opened

You’re unlucky if they give you the lash first,
You’re even more unlucky if they lash you in segments.
You’re unlucky if they sever limbs.
Immediate death is a luxury these days.




The Most Hated Foe

No foe is hated as much
as the honorable foe.
No foe is countered with such brutality
as the foe with integrity.

That foe is placed at the top
of every hit list,
and when he is beaten, he is beaten
within an inch of his life.

The world must be cleared of heroes,
and anyone who stands in the way
of power and profit
at the expense of man and beast.

Even the most hard-boiled scoundrel
is put to shame when he encounters
the countenance of human decency
and must clear his sight of it.


Der meistgehaßte Gegner

Kein Feind ist so gehaßt
wie der ehrenvolle Gegner.
Kein Feindr wird so brutal
bekämpftwie der Integere.

Dieser Feind ist zuerst
aus dem Weg zu räumen
und schlägt man ihn, dann prügle man
ihn gleich die Seele aus dem Leib

Gesaübert weden müß die Welt
Von derelei Helden und denen,
die der Gewalt und dem Profit
bei Mensch und Vieh im Wege stehen.

Selobst der hartgesottenste Schurke
kann nicht umhin, sich zu schämen,
wenn ihm menschlicher Anstand entgegentritt,
und wünscht sich ihn aus den Augen.

Übersetzung: Konstantin Kaiser